Naum House launched their first collection of curated design objects "The Flower Room" with an ikebana workshop using seasonal blooms from Naum Flower.


Ikebana originated in the 6th century, coinciding with the introduction of Buddhism to Japan from China. It is a practice rather than an action or activity; a dedicated ritual of creating both time and space for the mindful observation and interaction with nature. In this approach, form emerges from a heightened state of mindfulness rather than from a plan or intentional design.


It is a profound exercise in living in the present moment.

At its core, ikebana adheres to a fundamental structure, taking the shape of a triangle. This triangular arrangement symbolizes the harmonious balance among heaven, earth, and humanity.


Each ikebana creation is believed to be a reflection of the artist's inner state on that particular day. It serves as a window into one's emotional state, acting as a mirror that reflects our individual humanity within the natural world. 


Guests were led through this practice by the gifted Shoko Koizumi-Hanson, an ikebana master trained at the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

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