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We are a design studio that creates vessels for human experiences to take place.

Driven by a love of contemporary art, interior architecture, the history of design, nature, emotional response and meaningful human interaction - Naum House curates and designs for a highly aesthetic sensibility. Naum House is motivated to activate all of the senses, catalysing an embodied experience created from carefully composed details.

We collaborate with a network of entities including luxury brands, private individuals, galleries, auction houses, designers, dealers, makers, architects and artisans.  Our combined expertise allows us to explore beyond genre - we take on projects ranging from interior design to event production to set design to styling - we only take on projects that titillate our immense curiosity.

Each project is tailor-made and executed for the client, we pride ourselves on adaptability, responsiveness and achieving well-defined deliverables.


20 MS
20 MS fish
20 ms 3
20 ms 2
20 ms 1
20ms master bathroom 2
20MS master bathroom
20MS study