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Throughout our projects at Naum House, we are always sourcing, creating and commissioning to get the best result.

In a world clogged with stuff, we see the engagement with objects as a way to reveal aesthetic, intellectual and historic information that unlocks a richer experience of being human.

Objects revealed through our research are now available to take home from our online shop.

Naum House presents a curated selection of objects and artworks, where we explore thematic ideas through the latent personalities of each individual item.

We eschew the hierarchies that typically divide objects from sitting together – an impeccably designed utilitarian household utensil can sit alongside a major work of art, as can a piece of contemporary design fresh from the studio alongside a time-tested classic.

Much like a group show, we are looking to create new conversations through the interconnectivity between objects. Each item has a different material, function, process, and history – through interweaving these stories together we are creating a new proposition for the discerning collector.